Tips To Feel Better

Do you ever have one of those moments where you just want to die? Where you can’t take anything anymore?

I know I do. So here I am leaving you some of the things I do to release that stress/sadness.

  • Cry_ Some people may say that crying only makes things worse but I find it really relaxing. Letting go of your emotions helps you recompose. I really recommend it.
  • Shout_ Just shout. It’s the best anti-stress.
  • Tell someone you trust_Hearing a family member or a close friend telling you how everything is going to be okay really calms me. It makes me feel loved and secure.
  • Excercise_ Even tho I am super lazy, I find excersise really calming and it lets me be myself for some time.
  • Write_ Write. Everything that comes to your mind. That you think is important, or that isn’t. What’s bothering you, or what makes you happy. But just write.
  • Find a strategie_ In order for you to find inner peace you must find something, someone or somewhere that makes you happy. And when you are sad or stressing out just go to your happy place.



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