Social Anxiety

I think that I have social anxiety.

I have always been very shy, but this past year everything went even worse. In school there was this girl who some really good friend go against me, and then she would also insult me by a social media called She trashed all my confidence and self-esteem.

Since the I have suffered two or three panic attacks, specially over this summer. It went to a point were I was afraid of people, I had never been so afraid of something in my whole life. It was terrible.

Since then I have re-gained some confidence but I’m still really anxious and afraid. I need help and I feel so alone. Sometimes I just feel like the world would be so much better without me. I want to tell someone but I don’t have anyone who I feel like I can trust. So I am posting this anonymously to see if someone understands me.


3 comentarios en “Social Anxiety”

  1. I do understand you , ever since I started high school (I graduated this year). when I started high school this girl started to hang out with me and the only girl I know from my class, everything seems ok but then she started to talk to her behind my back telling her that I was very weird and stuff like that, she started to be very rude towards me and my friend seemed ok with it, I have to stop hanging out with them bc I felt like shit. I didn’t know anyone and I was very shy, I felt very lonely and I remember crying a lot because of this. Since then i have a hard time making new friends. Two years later my boyfriend at that time moved away and I was really depressed, I hated everything and everyone I remember being rude to my friends and I even punched one of them in the face bc they made me angry with some comments about my boyfriend. I lost the connection with every single one of my (few) friends.
    While I was super depressed about my boyfriend being away, (I find out later) he was lying to me the whole time. I remember we had our passwords of facebook and I was reading this conversation with this girl and he was telling her that I was super lame, that I didn’t speak with anyone but him… he did thing like that a lot and I always forgive him. I became a very annoying girlfriend (even more) super jealous, overly protective, and all that shit. It was like this for like a year, we broke up and got back together every month. When he came back to the city he didn’t tell me but I saw his friends posting about it… that always made me feel the worst. He then broke up with me telling me that things just weren’t working out. A week later he had another girlfriend. Thankfully I had a really good friend that told me that I was being ridiculous and made me realize that this was just not what I wanted. I finally let him go, but It did leave me really messed up, I had no confidence or self-steem.
    Here where I live there are route taxi, you get in and then when you are near your stop you have to tell to the diver that this is your stop, every time I HAVE TO use a taxi I can’t speak and I get really nerveous and my heart beats really fast, I always miss my stop and have to wait till someone request their stop, I always have to walk back… I can’t make presentations in front of the class, I CRIED the last time I have to do one, I forgot my part.
    Sorry if my English is bad, it’s the first time I attempt to write, I from mexico. I don’t even know why I am doing this but… I just wanted to talk to someone

    Me gusta

    1. Thanks so much for leaving a comment. I am so sorry for all that has happened to you, that guy is worth none of your time. You sure did good leaving him. I truly understand you, I feel the same way and it makes me “relieved” to know that I am not alone.
      Oh and by the way, don’t worry about your english I am not american too….

      Me gusta


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